When people are searching for new properties to buy, there are plenty of things they hope the home will have. Especially if they are working with plan specific home builders, they enjoy going over various home designs and hoping they can work together with the home builders to get certain things inside the newly build home.

You might have to put some of those things on the back burner, however, until your finances are a little less tied up in your brand new home. There are plenty of home aspects that can surely be constructed into your home, though, and plan specific home builders can help you get the home of your dreams.

Here are a few things that people who are having new homes constructed want inside their properties.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Florida can get extremely hot during the summer months, and without central air, homeowners and families will be uncomfortable. Around the country, roughly seven out of 10 homeowners admit that they would be willing to pay more if it meant they will receive central air conditioning inside their homes. But in the 21st century, many homeowners are also demanding high efficiency HVAC systems in their new homes. Not only do these modern appliances reduce overall energy costs, they give homeowners the satisfaction that comes from going green.

Master bathrooms

Homeowners love master bathrooms, too. Nearly half — 49% — of prospective buyers are willing to pay more for a home that comes with a quality master bath inside their bathroom.

Kitchen island and advanced appliances

Although homeowners love master bathrooms, they typically prioritize their kitchens a little higher because more houseguests will visit these areas. Roughly 69% of buyers would spend more for newer kitchen appliances, which directly improve the look and feel of the kitchen. Islands are one of the most popular personalization home projects that make kitchens more visually appealing as well. Islands are typically 4-feet long and 2-feet deep, with plenty of walk room space on all four sides.

Patio, deck, or porch (or all three!)

Homeowners love outdoor additions as well. Of all the 648,000 single-family homes that were constructed in 2015, 183,000 had a patio (14,000 of which had both a patio and a deck).

Work with trusted and experienced house builders and you can also have these wonderful additions inside your home. If you want to learn more about constructing plan specific homes in Tampa, Florida, contact Inland Homes today.

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