There are approximately 1,000 people who move to Florida each day. Although a certain percentage of those people have places to stay already, many of them are heading to the Sunshine State with the intention of finding the perfect new home or apartment for themselves and their families.

Whether you’re looking for home builders in Tampa to help you create your dream home from the ground up, or you plan on moving into already existing properties, you should understand the ins and outs of closing on homes in Florida. Real estate laws vary from state to state, and to make this process go smoothly, it’s important to be prepared ahead of time.

Here is a guide that will hopefully help you seamlessly move into your new Florida home without any closing complications.

• Preparing for the close — For newly built homes, your new closing date will have to be determined and scheduled by your sales professional and the construction manager who is finalizing the project. While this date will depend on the construction timeline, there may be some flexibility if you have a specific closing date in mind. If there are any specific days that cannot work for you and your family, it’s imperative that you let everyone know right away so every effort can be made to either delay the sale or speed up the process (it will likely be a delayed close). It’s recommended to take off a day or two in advance of any potential closing days as well.

• 30 days before the close — Once the closing day has been selected, you have about a month to get everything situated. You should contact your insurance agent for a homeowner’s insurance quote and do so right away because a policy must be secured at least one month prior to the actual closing date. In addition, talk to your mortgage company or real estate agent to make sure that you have all of the documents and funds legally required to close on the home.

• 4 weeks before the close — After you receive homeowner’s insurance, you need to start contacting utility companies and setup all the necessary services for your moving day. The last thing in the world you and your family will want to deal with is nothing working the day you all move into your newly built home.

• The actual closing day — During the day of your close, you have one final day to make sure everything is okay and looks correct. Test out all house keys, garage door openers, security gate access remotes, and any other household feature that requires testing to make sure everything works.

As far as the home building process timeline is concerned, certain things are out of your hands. But when it comes to actually moving into your new Florida home, your main focus should be on the actual closing date and all the important decisions that need to be finalized ahead of time.

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