It is estimated that 1,000 people move to Florida every day to embrace the sun and sand lifestyle. According to the Orlando Sentinel, between July 1, 2013, and July 1, 2014, Florida gained 293,000 people. In that one year, Florida grew at the rate of 803 people a day. It is not only a preferred tourist destination but also a great place to build a home that you and your family can grow old in.

The home building process is an exciting prospect for individuals and couples because they can watch their dream home come to life and see the process from start to finish. Many homeowners are going with production homebuilders to help save money and time as opposed to custom homes.

What is a production home, you ask? Good question! A production home involves the same home design used repeatedly (with slight variations) in a housing development. The National Association of Home Builders has found that most Plan Specific builders offer a very similar service. As the buyer, you pick your desired home site on the available land provided and you can select your favorite home design or style from a menu in several product categories. This can be much more appealing than a custom home that needs to be designed from scratch.

Plan Specific builders provide personalizing as opposed to customizing. Custom homes can offer more choice and flexibility but the costs can vary immensely and building can take considerably longer. It is up to you, the home buyer/builder, to make most of the decisions with the custom home. A custom home can often experience setbacks, have unforeseen costs, and cause a lot more stress.

On the other hand, while production homes do offer plan choices and options, you are not required to make every decision from the light fixtures to the floor tiles to the type of faucet.

So, you know you want to move to the Sunshine state and build a home. That’s an excellent start. Don’t let it be a stressful experience! There are some fantastic home design experts and production home builders in the Tampa and Bradenton area. If you want a personalized home with personality, look into the production home building process.

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