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Peace of mind comes standard.

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Our Approach

We’re people people.

Talking with our advisors feels more like having a conversation with a knowledgeable friend. We’re transparent, straightforward, and always respect your time.

You deserve the right home

Whether that means more space, or less. We want to match you with the exact home you want, and we take pride in being honest. If our floorplans are not a fit for your next move, you’ll hear it straight from us first.

Your home is our home

We’re not inviting ourselves over. But we do invite third-party inspectors and our Inland Construction Manager to conduct 18 more formal inspections than are required on your home—by choice. Because we build every home like it’s our own.

The market changes. We won’t

Builders are affected by market factors. While that changes how some operate, we stick to our values, come what may. That means designing for people first and foremost, treating people with respect, and maintaining the highest standard of construction integrity, not for ourselves, but for you.

Designed for you


Centered Design puts you first.

Centered Design is our design philosophy, our approach to creating spaces that inspire and energize the people inside them. To support your wellbeing and energy levels (yes, your home can do that), every Inland home design focuses on three elements: color, light, and clean air.



Color can energize and revive or calm and soothe. The tile, counter tops, and tapware we offer homeowners during Design Shop sessions have all been carefully selected to strike the right tones and complement any future wall colors you choose.



Light and color move together. Throughout the day, light changes the color of your walls, floors, and ceiling. We consider how every window invites the light in. With light in every right place, rooms will expand and your home will better support your circadian rhythm.


Clean air

Clean air circulation starts with thoughtful design. From window placement and functionality to the addition of built-in air purification systems like outside-venting range hoods, we believe every homeowner has the right to breathe clean.


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