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After more than 25 years in the business, we’ve earned a reputation for doing thorough, high-quality work. Which means we have to be mighty selective about who we do that work with. That being said, we also appreciate the value of partnering with other skilled people who take as much pride in their craft as we do. Think you fit the bill? Take a look at our application process below.

Out of respect for your time and ours, our Construction and Sales Professionals can’t accept phone solicitations or set up appointments before reviewing proposals. Once we take a look at your proposal, we’ll reach out to you.


Tell Us About You

If you would like one of the Inland Homes new home builders to consider your company for our Market or Building Partner Program, please submit a letter of introduction, a description of the services you provide, pricing and references.

The Construction and Sales Professionals will not accept phone solicitations, or set an appointment prior to reviewing your proposal. If there is an interest in your proposal, a representative will contact you.

Please Send

Letter of Introduction
Description of Services


Attn: Production Planner
6522 Gunn Highway
Tampa FL 33625